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Tom is a specialist in dental transitions planning and practice coaching. He is fee-based and NOT a broker. Tom has been coaching dentists, exclusively, for over nineteen years.

The goal at Thomas M. Cooper & Associates is to help doctors increase the wealth in their practices. This doesn't mean just increasing the monetary value of the practice; but increasing the life freedom of the doctor and the team.

Tom co-developed the Mercer Transitions Company; making it the premier transitions planning company. After MTC was acquired by a private equity firm, Tom formed Thomas M. Cooper & Associates and has continued to work with private clients. 

Tom earned his BA at the University of Southern California (Phi Beta Kappa) and his law degree from Loyola Law School. He also earned his Chartered Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant degrees from the American College.

Client Testimonials:


I was introduced to Tom Cooper by our financial planner, when my wife and I were transitioning our dental office with our son and daughter in law.  They met at NYU and are both dentists. 

Our son and daughter in law had some very realistic concerns and hesitations about buying into the practice because of large student loan debt.  Tom had a complete financial plan worked out on paper with real numbers. 

This made it much easier for our son and daughter in law to understand that the transition was doable.  

After a number of phone conferences, Tom came to Chicago and the five of us met and discussed the transition.   At this point everything is on track.  Any transition has many details that dentists don't think about because this is not what we do, yet it is probably one of the most important decisions we will have to make.  It is without a doubt something you should not be doing without the professional expertise that Tom Cooper has.

Nicholas Pallatto, DDS
Lansing, IL

Tom Cooper has been involved in the transition of my practice and advice on transition strategies for quite some time now.  We are about to complete a large 1/2 buy in deal that has been seamless so far.  In regard to the contract advice and follow through that is so very important, Tom has been point on and helpful with questions and direction for all parties involved.  I plan on using him again for the next transition where I will sell the other 1/2 of my dental practice.   

Mark Peck, DDS
Scottsdale, AZ

Tom’s talents as a tax/legal and transitions expert are exceptional.  His experience in this field is certainly vaster than most and when you combine that with his personal integrity it is difficult to imagine why anyone would work with any other transitions person.

Charles E. Wait, DDS
Scottsdale, AZ

I have worked with Tom on my practice transitions and business issues for several years and have found him to not only be a talented advisor but a man of integrity as well.  He has a wealth of knowledge related to the intricacies of dental practice transitions and makes sure every deal is fair for both sides.   He is a wonderful coach and someone I feel very comfortable discussing the most confidential aspects of my finances and retirement planning.  I would whole-heartedly endorse Tom to my colleagues in dentistry.

Michael J. Crete, DDS
Grand Rapids, MI

Tom and his team worked very complex practice transitions issues for us and the incoming partner of this busy oral and maxillofacial surgery practice. He gave us clarity and unbiased guidance for all doctors involved in the transition.  I will continue to trust his expertise for the future transition in our practice.’ 

Mak Saigusa, DMD, MD
Tyler, TX

We have been working with Tom Cooper for several years now. He has assisted our practice with everything from dental transitions to contractual agreements with associates. Tom has proven to be a reliable and trusted resource in all areas we have called upon him for. Because of his legal background, and because there are so many important intricacies that must be taken into consideration in this line of work, Tom’s attention to detail has enabled a strong sense of “being in good hands”.

Steven A. Swidler, DDS
Ari Swidler Practice Manager
Medicine Wheel Dentistry
Tucson, AZ

I have had the pleasure of working with Tom for the past 7-8 years.  We have worked together through 2 practice transitions, and general practice management.

I can easily say that Tom is the most fair, honest person I have ever worked with! 

Tom is personal and genuine.  Tom works hard to make the transition a win/win for the associate and the owner, of which I have been both.

Brian L. Kynaston, DDS
McPherson, KS

I had been involved with a major consulting firm working on my practice transition when I first met Tom. Most of the details were pretty straightforward; however there were some issues and nuances about the deal that made my situation unique. Working with Tom gave me the clarity and foresight to more than adequately handle some of these more personal and unusual issues.  I still reach out to Tom for his advice.

Alan L. Dechter, DDS
Wheaton, MD

Tom is a wonderful coach and advisor and the very best in his business. He treats all partners/doctors, buyers/sellers, in a fair and balanced way and is a wonderful educator.

Mark J. Fleming, DDS
Scottsdale, AZ

Tom’s company handles all of the transition planning needs from “cradle to grave”. Whether it’s the valuation of the practice; or design and drafting of the deal structure, Tom does it with sensitivity and skill and in a fair and balanced way. His expertise in taxation brings a huge benefit to the design of the deal and you will be happy that you had Tom as your coach in this enormously complex and sensitive business planning.

Glen Wysel, DDS
Scottsdale, AZ

Tom developed a partnership transition that addressed our unique situation in a way that was a win win for everyone.

Tom’s vast knowledge of the tax code and how it applies to dentistry is second to none.

When I have a business strategy question, I can always count on Tom’s knowledge and experience to guide me down the correct path.

Timothy Collier, DDS

Manhattan, IA

I had been an associate of an excellent dental practice for four years when I felt I was at a point in my career that I was ready to become a partner. I started the transition/buy-in process with Tom Cooper and Associates and, now that it is finalized, I could not be happier I decided to work with Tom. As a first time "to-be" owner, I wanted to make sure the practice analysis and transition process were executed correctly and was fair to both parties. My wife and I were both extremely impressed with the detail of both the practice evaluation and purchase feasibility analysis. These reports were reviewed with us in detail, which allowed both my wife and I to ask any questions we had, and trust me there were many! The details of these reports educated us to realize we could in fact make this large next step in our lives. Tom's help and expertise took a lot of the unknown and fear out of the process. I am happy to say that the transition process is finalized and we would not have changed a thing!! 

Kyle Miller, DMD

Denver, CO

I have been working with Tom on the transition of my practice for a couple of years.  He goes into great detail with the valuation and structure of the buy-in process.  This is not a language that most dentists speak, and he is patient with questions and understands the impact a transition has on both parties.  Tom has been so much more than a business consultant, he is someone I truly trust to give straight answers and advice on a personal level.  I will highly recommend him to any colleague that is in the transition process.

Dr. Matt Anderson, DDS

Davenport, IA

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