Thomas M. Cooper & Associates

Philosophy and Mission

Our Mission

We are the premier dental practice coaching firm in the U.S. and pioneers in the transition planning arena.

We are committed to serving our clients at the highest level of respect, integrity and professionalism.

It is our goal to see your practice provide you with financial and personal freedom; as well as professional fulfillment.


The term "Transition" is a frequently misused term. It has been co-opted by brokers to mean, simply, selling your practice. This is NOT what the term means.

Transition means creating wealth in the practice through properly designed strategies to capture "hidden" assets. Almost all practices have dollars that "leak" out of the practice. In most cases, this is often the equivalent of tens of thousands of dollars in practice profit.

Transition planning is not just for doctors contemplating retirement.

The clients that get the most from this planning are those that start early. Our clients who start this planning in their thirties or forties, are able to transition their practice two or three times in their career. This creates enormous additional wealth; that can greatly accelerate their financial freedom.
Most of our clients are happy to increase their earnings; but most want more freedom. We have seen many clients maintain their income WHILE reducing their clinical hours in the practice.

Customized: At Thomas M. Cooper & Associates we focus on the goals and objectives of our clients first. We don't try to fit your goals into a pre-set model for doing things. Our competitors try to wedge the "square peg in to the round hole". All of our planning is customized and purely fee-based. You will know, from the outset, what you will pay and what we will be doing.

Comprehensive: We are comprehensive in our planning and execution. We will take you from "cradle to grave" in your planning. Some practices would like to do a transition and bring an associate aboard; but they don't have the practice wealth/patient base to support a second doctor.

Hands-On: We are proactive in our approach. We will come into the practice and work with the team and doctor(s) to get you "ramped up" for an orderly and profitable transition.

Some doctors are not interested in bringing an associate/partner into the practice; but would like to maximize their value, in preparation for eventual sale and retirement. We will rejuvenate and turbo-charge the practice; so that it will have maximum value upon exit. We will also design an orderly exit strategy; which will maximize value for doctor, team and patients.

Unlike brokers, we are not paid commissions, based on an artificial value for your practice. We do not represent the seller only; we represent all of the doctor/parties involved in the transaction. Our approach assures that the deal will be fair for both sides, because we represent the deal itself.

We want deals that last forever. This is not just the right thing, from an ethical standpoint; it is also the smart thing from a business perspective. Our clients are happy and refer their friends to us, because our deals are a success!

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