Thomas M. Cooper & Associates


Transition Consulting

We at Thomas M. Cooper & Associates provide one of the only, purely, fee-based, transition consulting services in the industry.  

We pioneered an approach to helping doctors dramatically increase the value of their practices. We do this through strategically growing the practice wealth and, at the appropriate time, bringing associates aboard and transitioning them into partnership.

In other cases, we assist doctors in acquiring practices, in order to increase practice wealth.

We also do mergers of practices and split-ups of practices. The latter involves helping partners separate in an amicable way and thereby avoid the need to hire attorneys and "go to war".

We do every aspect of "mergers and acquisitions" work for dentistry.

We design deals from a tax-smart perspective. We design every deal, so as to maximize the tax advantages for the parties.

Unlike brokers, we do not get paid by commissions and we don't represent the seller only. We represent all parties to the transaction. We are committed to "representing the deal" and not one party to the detriment of the other.

Practice Facilitation

In cases where a partnership is not desired, or the practice is not "transition ready" we increase the practice value by working with the team and doctor(s) in growing the revenue  and patient base; in order to increase the practice value. in most practices that we work with, there are many areas of leakage. "Leakage" occurs every day, where revenue dollars are being lost because the practice does not have adequate systems to track these dollars. Most doctors are not even aware that these dollars leak out of the practice. We are able to capture this wealth and thus increase the profit that flows to the owner doctor and increase the practice value.

In cases where a practice owner would like to accelerate the growth of the practice, through a practice transition, but the practice does not have the "busyness" to support an associate doctor, we are able to ramp-up the practice and put it in an ideal position to bring in an associate/partner.
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